5/5/2017 - The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA)

This year’s International Roadcheck set for June 6-8 with a special emphasis on cargo securement.

Nearly everyone who has been in the motor carrier industry for more than a few years knows about the annual “Roadcheck” event. This year’s 72-hour Roadcheck will take place June 6-8, when roadside inspection officers come out en masse to conduct vehicle and driver inspections of commercial vehicles traveling the highways.

The intensive roadside inspection effort, which takes place throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico is your best opportunity for making a positive impact quickly on your Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) data. Nearly three times more roadside inspections take place on these days than on any other day of the year.

The event is sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), North America’s leading commercial vehicle enforcement organization. CVSA is an organization that is comprised of state, provincial, local, and federal motor carrier officials and industry representatives from all three North American countries. The event is also supported by the DOT’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA), Transport Canada, and the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (Mexico).

The Roadcheck event gives government, industry, and academia an opportunity to get a measurement of the level of motor carrier safety and security by comparing roadside inspection data to prior years. The 62,796 truck and bus inspections completed during Roadcheck 2016 offered a sizable sample for assessing the current level of motor carrier safety. The Roadcheck event also is an opportunity to highlight safety and security on our highways.

Finally, the Roadcheck event allows an opportunity for those interested in promoting truck and bus safety to participate. In the past volunteers from some state trucking associations have come out to inspection locations to help greet drivers and direct traffic.

Planning for Roadcheck
The annual Roadcheck event, which gets people’s attention from across North America to
the issue of motor carrier safety, is not the time for a driver to be uninformed and caught off guard in a roadside inspection! Drivers need to be trained on how an inspector inspects a vehicle and how to follow the instructions. Training should also cover how drivers should handle themselves during a roadside inspection.

Focus for Roadcheck 2017
CVSA has announced that the special emphasis area at this year’s Roadcheck is cargo securement. As well as emphasizing the securement regulations during inspections, officers will also be checking that drivers are conducting the required enroute cargo securement inspections.
Cargo securement was also the special emphasis area during 2016 Roadcheck.

What to Expect During Roadcheck 2017
1) failure to prevent shifting/loss of load;
2) failure to secure truck equipment (tarps, dunnage, doors, tailgates, spare tires);
3) damaged tie downs;
4) insufficient tie downs; and
5) loose tie downs.

The CSA Impact
As you know, the CSA program organizes and analyzes roadside inspection data in seven BASICs. Since high scores point to an FMCSA intervention, keeping your scores low is naturally a critical goal.

One way to keep scores low — or to bring high scores down — is to increase the number of “clean” (no violation) inspections you have. The scoring works like this: the CSA math adds up the “severity” of all your roadside violations in each BASIC and then, in five of the seven BASICs, divides that total by the number of relevant inspections you had, with more emphasis given to the most recent inspections. The resulting number is compared against other carriers’ numbers to determine your overall ranking in the BASIC. Therefore, the more recent, clean inspections you have, the better your scores will be.

Roadcheck 2017 is an opportunity to increase the number of clean inspections you have.

Wrap-up and final thoughts
Roadcheck 2017 is an opportunity. On average, about three times more inspections are done each day during Roadcheck than are done on any other day of the year. For carriers and drivers that are well prepared and want to get some “clean” inspections on their record, June 6-8 would be a good stretch of days to be out on the road.

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